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Spring Clear water filters and replacement cartridges

Franke Water Filters

Welcome to Franke Water Filters your one stop shop for replacement Franke water filters.

Franke Filter Doulton Franke Supercarb FilterOnly £25.00 Incl VAT & Del  

Franke Filter Doulton Franke Ultracarb FilterOnly £27.00 Incl VAT & Del  


Doulton Franke Water Filters


Doulton franke water filters are the number one replacement cartridge for the franke triflow water filter systems. Three water filter cartridges are available for the franke triflow systems which are the douton franke supercarb, doulton franke ultracarb and the doulton franke de-alk cartridges. The doulton franke water filters will fit all franke triflow water filter systems including the following;


• Franke Triflow & Franke Trispray
• Franke Mini Triflow
• Franke Triflow Trend
• Franke Little Butler
• Carron Phoenix Tri-pure System


The franke supercarb is a ceramic candle filter with the M15 thread made by doulton in the uk. The ceramic used for the filter cartridge is silver impregnated which inhibits bacteria growth and has an absolute filtration rating of 0.9 micron making the franke filter cartridge highly effective against particulate contamination including pathogenic bacteria and cysts. The franke supercarb filter is fitted with a carbon block which removes chlorine and organics from the water. This filter cartridge is ideal for improving the taste and odour of mains water. The doulton franke supercarb >


The franke ultracarb is also a ceramic candle filter with the M15 thread and is an ideal Franke FRXO2 compatible cartridge. The filter is a siver impregnated cartridge and is an effective method against bacteria and cysts. A carbon block is used to reduce chlorine and organics from the water again improving taste and odour. The added benefit of the franke ultracarb filter cartridge is the ability of reducing heavy metals in the water including lead. The doulton franke ultracarb >


The franke de-alk water filter is a resin filled cartridge designed to fit the franke range of triflow water filter systems which will reduce scale and scum in the water, ideal for hard water with limescale problems. The franke de-alk cartridge from doulton is made exclusive for ourselves and is an ideal replacement for the franke de-alk or franke 05. This franke filter is ideal for protecting your kettle from hard water limescale build up and reomoving scum from hot drinks. The doulton franke limescale >